The Online Learning Environment

There have been many changes in education over the last fifty years, but none have been so profound as the development of the online learning environment. Students, especially adults, could take comprehensive courses and communicate with other students and teachers across the city, state and around the world. Thousands of new online learning environments have been created in educational institutions, corporations and communities.

We Can Help

LabR Learning Resources is dedicated to assisting organizations develop learning material which meets the principles of adult education, which can be delivered in traditional presentation format at conferences, small group sessions or computer based training. Additionally, our experience allows us to assist in developing self-paced training for the community and corporate environments.  Look to LabR for your online learning and presentation development needs.

Experience you can Trust

sample1Putting together an online training course can be a daunting task. You have to establish goals, objectives, define the audience, decide upon technology and that is before the content creation has even started. You need someone who can help you through the maze, who can make recommendations on the best way to go, and to help you get there.