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Aside from the recent articles on, Chris has been an active author since 1992. He has been published in Sys Admin Magazine, the Information Security Management Handbook, and co-authored a number of books.

Here is a list of his publications. Some of these are available for reading on this site.

Sys Admin Magazine

Handbook of Information Security Management

Encyclopedia of Information Assurance


Chris has co-authored a number of books on operating systems, and information security topics. Here is a list of those books.

Official (ISC)² guide to the CISSP exam. Co-Author, published book. Auerbach Press, Boca Raton, FL 2003
  Title Description Library of Congress Link
Internet Firewalls and Network Security This book was co-authored with Karanjit Siyan. 1995
Internet Firewalls and Network Security (Second Edition) This book was co-authored with Karanjit Siyan. 1997
LPI Linux Exam Guide Co-authored with Emmett Dulaney. 2001
Internet Security Professional Reference Co-authored with Emmett Dulaney. 1997
Inside UNIX (Second Edition) Co-authored with Emmett Dulaney. 1996
Inside UNIX Co-authored with Emmett Dulaney. 1994
Building an Internet Server with Linux Co-authored with George Eckel. 1995
A Study of Performative Hactivist Subcultures and Threats to Businesses, ,, 22:4, 187-200 (2013 Online, 2014 Print) Michael Workman , Daniel C. Phelps & Robert C. Hare
  • Improving the Distance Learner’s Experience through Student Centered Advising: An Examination of Learning Assessment Tools in Distance Education Support Services. Master’s Degree Project. Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, LA 2008
  • Predictive Vulnerability Analysis. Capstone Project, Dallas Baptist University, Dallas, TX 2006

    Self Published eBooks

    Title Link
    Blackboard Mobile Learn: A Usability Study Get it from iBooks
    Improving Group Collaboration in the Online Learning Environment Get it from iBooks
    Database Impact on a Learning Management System Get the ePub here
    The Digital Textbook Get the ePub here


    Articvles which have been published online in Medium or LinkedIn are listed in the page of this site.